Does it ever seem like none of the people you show your business actually have the money to join or buy from you? Surely all my prospects can't be this broke. There may be a few reasons why you are getting this feeling from your prospects and today I will share with you some cool ways to attract more people to you with money that actually want buy from you! Wouldn't it be cool to talk to people actually looking for you?

6 Tips To Attract Better Prospects

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.55.14 AMSome Just Don't Have the Money. – In some cases your prospect really doesn't have the money. Its up to you to be sure you're talking to qualified prospects. I like to connect with people that are home owners, have a job, married, have kids, and are older than 25. This will almost insure that my prospect has a means of buying from me. Then its up to you to determine if their excuse is valid or just that. an excuse Don't market to people that need your product. Market to people who buy your products already. Most people want to market to the obese to sell their weight loss products. I would rather sell that product to people that have a habit of buying these products. Not the people that need them. Those people need the product because they DON'T BUY. Much better to serve the existing market than create NEW buying habits. You don't not serve the market that needs your product. Just don't give 100% of your focus there. 80/20 is key!

Sharing price to soon – I see this a lot online and listening to phone calls from our coaching clients. Typically a prospect knows there is a cost to the engagement and will ask what the cost is before gathering ANY information from you. Many marketers give in and reveal price and never hear from their prospect again. I don't want this to happen to you again. If a prospect ask me what price is, I make 100% sure they have seen enough information to justify that the amount being spent is MUCH LESS than the value being provided!! This could increase your sales by 50% or more. Which leads to the next key point. Painting the value picture for you audience.


Paint The Picture of Value – Remember many of your prospect's judgement is clouded by the news, negativity, work, and more. This makes it hard for them to paint a cleat picture of value in their own head. It's your job to paint a clear value picture to prospect. Sometimes we call this price conditioning. If your product cost $50 you can condition your audience to get ready to spend $500. Sharing the benefits with them and revealing it ONLY cost $50. This is a very important skill to learn. Also, learning how to place the pain of your prospect in the past and the pleasure of your product or service in the future.

They Smell a Sell Coming – Most network marketers can't help but sell sell sell, instead of providing value value value. It's like showing up to a used car dealership. You know that guy is coming over to sell you that car! But when he shows up and starts helping you solve your problems. You walk out with a new car and he makes a sale. I see network marketers plaster a sales pitch on their social media all day and night. Then try to reach out to prospects and get crickets. Be careful not sell on your social media, but to attract with curiosity and valuable information that raises awareness. People are on social media to connect and be entertained. Don't be the marketer people run from because you're not truly making them a better person and their life easier.Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.57.40 AM

They dont know they even have the money – Some prospects don't know they even have the money laying around to buy from you! Sometimes it's up to you to help them come up with cool ways to get started! First you must be sure to actually ask for the sale, many marketers are wondering why they never get sales, its because you never ask. The other reason could be you're not helping your prospects see that the old lamp that could be sold on eBay is perfect to get rid of and get the money to start with you. Or working a little side job, or driving uber for a month could help them get going faster. Find out if they are open to new ways of finding the money.

Social Media Bait – If you're looking to attract more business builders to your network marketing business I suggest using things on social media business builders are looking for. Most are looking for ways to grow their business. So as you find new ways to grow yours. Share what you're finding with others. Another social media tip is to stay away from using “making money” as bait. Using money as bait will typically attract people with no money. For example, “want to make an extra $500?” This will usually attract the person that doesn't have $500. Use benefits not features to attract the best people to you on social media.

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