How would it feel to have more people in your business actively looking to build a business? Would that change things for you? We got one question this week that seem to stand out above the rest. “How do I turn a customer into a business builder”. This seems to be a pretty hot topic among network marketers and I also feel is one that people tend to hurt themselves more than help. So in todays blog post I will show you some safe and creative ways to help develop solid business builders from a happy customer base.

5 Ways To Create More Business Builders

1. Mindset – Do not do both right off the bat. Don't present the product and biz at the same time. Understand your customers are important. Most companies are 1:1 ratio. We chose a company with 20:1 ratio. Do not bring up weight loss and tell them they can get paid too. There has been NO benefit yet. Do not rush the process. Just get them on the product. Be happy they are using the product.
2. Connect – Build relationships with the people that are coming in. About 2-4 weeks in. Ask how they feel. Maybe they have a good result. Get a good example of how they feel. Ask? What they love most about the product? My confidence has gone up? Energy improved? Can they fit in their Skinny jeans again? Get this from them!! Are they Sleeping better? Testimonials are great, I always suggest working for testimonials . It's important to Lead with EMOTION with product users. Not sharing or money yet.
3. Emotions – After you collect all the benefits. Ask this very important question, “Do you think there are more ppl out there that are struggling like you did? Wait for their response…then ask “How would it make you feel if you were never introduced to these products?”…let them answer…”So why is only good for you?” We never push the opportunity on people, it's about changing lives, but people that truly care about others can't help but share this with others.

The Transition 


4.Create A Vision – Associate not sharing the products with being selfish. Hit the emotional side of someone's brain and flip the switch of logic to emotion. You can also ask them how they want to be compensated. For example, ask them if they would be open to taking a look at the comp plan, referral gift cards, dinners, or if it's important at all.
5. Flip The Script – Look to create product users out of people that have already said “yes” to building business. Typically, we speak with people that have done some particular things already. They have shown that they buy already, they already want to make money from home, and chances are they believe in network marketing already so resistance to the industry is small. If you want more detail on how to do this inside of your business check out the video on this where I will show you a full walkthrough of how we do this in our business.


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