Richard Branson said “If there is one thing that is certain about business is that you WILL make mistakes.” I came into Network Marketing not just for the opportunity for more money, but for a lifestyle and chance to give my family the life they deserved at a young age, instead of waiting until we were retirement age. I saw how many people were CRUSHING our industry and I knew from that moment that this was the industry for me. As excited as I was about starting a home based business. My expectations about certain things needed to change before I started to see the success that I wanted to see. So here are 3¬†mistakes that I made in my early network marketing career that I had NO IDEA were holding me back!images-1

  1. Not treating my business like a REAL business. I thought I was treating my business like a ‘business', but from the outside looking in I was really treating it like a hobby. Now I truly believe you can build wealth ‘part time' inside of network marketing but during that time, there needs to be full time focus and effort. Being and acting ‘as' the CEO even before you're getting CEO results is crucial to getting massive results.
  2. Not taking personal development seriously was a HUGE mistake in my first year inside of network marketing. I thought personal development meant I needed help, I thought it made we weak, I had no idea how much it was helping me grow and attracting the RIGHT people for my business! Once I started reading daily and really working on myself. My business changed completely!
  3. Not treating live events with the seriousness they deserved. Major no, no, in network marketing. One of my mentors always said “build your business event to event, the rest is just stuff”. He was 100% RIGHT! All Your leverage is in events and getting your prospects and new reps to EVENTS. When you measure the growth of your team/organization. Measure it at the weekly, monthly, or annual events. You have more people there. You're growing, You Don't, You're not growing. that simple!

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