How would it feel to sky rocket your sales. Imagine next month you've double your customers or been able to help your reps double their sales. Or how about even being able to find reps for your respective company. I know the ability to increase our production inside of our business is crucial. After so heavy conversation with leads and clients of ours this week. We found some major missing pieces for network marketers. Some very hardworking marketers where over looking some key factors in what actually makes people buy and how to increase sales!!

It literally hurt my heart to see these entrepreneurs making such crucial mistakes. Mistakes keeping them from a steady lead flow, quality prospects and daily sales. The last thing I want is for you to go a week with no sales. So in today's post I will share with you 16 Sales Secrets that top earners do everyday, that can increase your sales by 50% without having to blog, create content, or make videos.

16 Tips To Sky Rocket Sales 2x

  1. How You Define The Word Sales – I think most network marketers would enjoy a sky rocket in their sales. Comment below “up sale” if you agree with me. The problem I see however, many want more sales, but don't claim to be in sales. We are all in sales no matter what we are doing. If there is something you want another to do, we are in sales. When your kids want a toy, they are selling you on why that toy is for them. If you want a spouse, you sell your spouse on why they should spend their life with you.
  2. Power of Agreement – The Law of Agreement says that as we lend our agreement to any belief, we reinforce it and make it stronger. Alternatively, as we refrain from lending our agreement to an idea that isn't likely to give us the results we're looking for; we dilute it and weaken its power over us and over everyone else simultaneously.The same stands in network marketing. When we learn to agree with others, they tend to agree with us more often 
  3. Increase Your Questions Increase Your Sales – Most network marketers go for the close too soon. When you ask questions and use questioning velocity (asking more questions faster) this allows you to have your prospects close themselves. This also let's your prospect know that you are doing all you can to find the right information to ACTUALLY solve their problem! When someone knows your truly care about their problem, it becomes irresistible for that person to exchange money for the solution to that problem. Watch The video below and I'll explain in more detail.

Unfortunately, I Don't have time to cover all 16 here but I won't leave you hanging!! I put together an amazing webinar with all 16 where I cover each one in great detail to help you double your sales and production. So take a second. Click the button below and download your copy of the webinar replay “Increase Your Sales By 50%, Even If You're New”


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