When Is The Best Time To Start A Network Marketing Blog

When Is The Best Time To Start A Network Marketing Blog

When should you start of a network marketing blog if you're looking to build your network marketing business online with the best? You don't want to bug your family and friends with your opportunity, so going to the internet is the smart move right? Of course, but only when done correctly. Unfortunately, there are too many network marketers abusing the power of the internet and social media by operating the wrong way. From being spammy, posting only about their mlm, the list of online no no's could go on forever. How do you really grow your network marketing business using a network marketing blog? In today's post I will share some tips that can get you started plus answer some questions when to start a network marketing blog. Watch the video and feel free to comment below your take away's

Currently we have enrolled over 600 people over our career inside network marketing. We've built teams in the thousands, and we've created success in a lot of different arenas. Becoming one of the top affiliate marketers in the world. And now helping network marketers create success faster while showing them how to create a lifestyle that they actually love. All in the pockets of their spare time or lunch break. You know, we see too many network marketers out there that create another job. We don't want that. We really want to show you how to create a life you love and blogging can help you do that. But there's a lot of questions that surround blogging and if it's effective. When to start is a major question. I want to give you some tips today that can really help you in your journey, in network marketing and blogging.

When To Start Your Network Marketing Blog

So, I'll be the first to admit, when I first started in network marketing, I was told to start a blog, but I didn't. And honestly, I'm glad I didn't, you know, I kind of waited to start a blog. But there's a lot of things that I wish would have done differently when I started my career as a network marketer and really took my business seriously online.

Why blog? You should blog because one, you don't own social media. You don't own your Twitter page, you don't own Facebook, you don't own YouTube. They could shut you down immediately. And if that's your main source of traffic, your main source of leads, then you're kind of done, right?

With a blog, you own it. With your email list, you own it. You can do whatever you want on your blog. That's very important to understand of why you should actually have a network marketing blog. You can create leverage. When people start going to your page and following your blog and getting on your email list, what that does is it creates a residual lead flow. When you can create residual leads, you can create residual sales. And that's what most people want is, they want that two to five sales per day coming in on clockwork, residually.

Ready To Brand Yourself and Not Your MLM

When should you start your network marketing blog? One, you should start it when you are ready to brand yourself. And when is that? That should be NOW. You should be branding yourself now. Not too long ago, someone came to us, and they said, “Hey, I started this blog and it kind of helped me out, but then I changed companies, and now I gotta, my blog name was the company name.” And that's a huge no-no. So, if you're doing anything on any social media, any Internet period, don't brand your company, brand yourself. Brand your name and what you do. Because a lot of times, most people, and if I'm speaking to you, chances are the networking company that you're in right now isn't your first, okay?

There's a high chance that the one you're in right now may not be your last, okay? So anything could happen.
The company could shut down. You change your goals, they change their product, they change the con-plan. Anything could happen. So you want to build your blog around your brand. Build your blog around something that you stand for, okay? Build your blog around something that people can follow you, they can get a lot of value from. But if you did change companies or decide to change a direction, that your blog wouldn't change with it. That way, it doesn't confuse your audience and they can remain your audience and still know that “Hey, you know what? He or she can solve my problem.”

Are You Addicted To The Outcome?

Tip number two of when you should start your blog is if you are addicted to the outcome with your warm markets. So what I mean by that is if your warm market says no to you and that would make you mad, frustrated, sad, whatever it is, if it changes your heart rate when your warm market says so, so if you went to your mom and you would be upset that she said, “No, I don't want your products, I don't want to be a part of that company,” then you should start a blog. That's a great place to say, “You know what? I'm going to go out and I'm going to start attracting a cold market to me. I'm going to go ahead and start attracting people that are looking for me to me.” One of the things I would say when you're, if you are addicted to the outcome of your warm market, don't tell them about your business. You may tell them about your product, but still, don't be addicted to the outcome. You can start a blog.

Now realize blogging is marketing. So, marketing is different from prospecting. Prospecting is me actively putting my video in front of people. Marketing is when people actually find my video. I put my video out in Internet land, and people find it. I could prospect someone and say, “Hey, I have a blog post that I did on that,” or I could run a Facebook ad around a blog post or I could put it on YouTube and people find it. Again, if you are addicted to the outcome with your warm market, a suggestion may be, go to start a blog and start doing things that will attract a cold market to you so you can start building a better list of people to talk to.

And then, once you've gone out and created a result, when you talk to your warm market, when it doesn't matter, you'll have more posture. It'll be much better for you and it'll also be much better for them. It'll be a much better experience for them. So, hopefully that helps.

Ready To Create Leverage Inside of Your Business?

Tip number three when it's a great time to start a blog is when you realize the importance of time and leverage. So what I mean by this is when you have a blog, it allows you to create kind of a hub, a home, especially if you're building a network marketing team, you can use that blog to have certain trainings. So, if someone's asking a question, actually just as a reference, this blog was inspired by someone that it's in our group coaching. She's a group coaching client. She happened to ask a question on one of our Q&As, and I said, “You know what? That would be a great post to do for my blog.” So, if you have teammates, if you have prospects that are asking certain questions and you want to create leverage, I can use this blog post, or you can use your blog post to use over and over and over again. They can rewind it. That saves you time. It saves you all sorts of effort.
So your blog can not only help you with your team, it can help you with prospects, it can help you with a whole gamut of things, because it … This video, it can stay around forever. I don't have to spend my time fifteen minutes on the phone with someone when I can just send them the link to this blog post. And you can do that, too. Once you realize how important time and how important leverage is to your business and what you do, I would say it's a great time to start your blog.

Network Marketing Blog Advice and Resources

I just gave you some quick tips on how to or when the best time would be to start your blog. But now I want to give you some tips on if you go out there and you say, “You know what? I want to take some action. I want to go out there and start a network marketing blog. What should I do?” Now, one of the cool things that I kind of mentioned earlier about blogging is that people can find you. People can find you. But they can't find you unless you actually do some pretty good keyword research.

Now, there's some awesome tools out there to help you learn keywords and things like that. So, I would highly recommend if you do start blogging, get in touch with some good keyword research tools. There's literally hundreds of thousands of them. Do your research. Go to Google. You can type, you can find some great things to help you get better at keywords, get some cool keyword training. Me myself? I use something called My Lead System Pro. It's got great blog training, great keyword training. I've been using that for three years and it's really helped me out.

So, if you want people to be able to find you online, whether they type in your name or they type in that keyword in whatever they're using, they'll find your network marketing blog post. Then they'll find you, then they'll get all of your information and they'll be able to contact you, they'll be able to put their name, phone number, email into a capture page and you can call them, connect with them. They show up to your webinars, they show up to your Facebook Lives. I mean, it's so cool what a blog can do for your business. But you've got to be able to be set up so people can find you.
One major tip that I would give for anybody that's new to blogging is I would say make sure just to share your life on a basis that you can commit to. A lot of people are like, “Well, you gotta blog everyday.” Or, “You gotta do this.” Don't commit to something that you can't do. I tried to blog everyday and I realized, you know what? I didn't need to blog everyday. Honestly, my audience didn't want me to blog everyday. So I started blogging once a week. We actually do a blog every Monday now. So, the blog goes out on Mondays and my audience loves it and I drive traffic to that blog throughout the week and then after I drive my own traffic, I put it out and run some ads and let other things drive traffic to that particular blog post.

Now, the cool thing is, once a blog post is really good, it could last years, even decades, and people are still going and finding that post and you getting leads and sales ten years later just because of a cool blog post that you did today. I highly recommend that you just share your life. You don't focus on perfection, you focus on progress and you get to a place where you can actually commit to something. So, if you want to commit to once a month, do a blog post once a month. If you want to commit to every two weeks, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, or once a week, my recommendation is just commit to something that you can actually commit to and let your audience know, “Hey guys, I'm going to do a blog post every Monday,” so you're held accountable to do that, and they start to expect it.
So I'm going to share some cool resources that have helped me in my blogging journey. One is Rev.com. Rev.com is a cool website that actually transcribes videos. So, if I wanted to take this video and have them transcribe it into text to use for my blog post, it would take … It would probably cost me twenty bucks to do this video, and they would transcribe it.

For any of my people out there that don't like writing, they're scared of the blogs because, “I'm not good at writing,” well, there's a solution out there for you, it's called Rev.com. You can use that. It's a really cool service. Again, very low-cost service as well. As long as you're cool with shooting the video, which you definitely should be getting more comfortable with shooting videos for your network marketing business, because it just allows you to connect with people, you can take that video, send it into Rev.com, they'll transcribe it. They'll send you back the text. All you're going to do is just kind of proofread it and then boom, you've got a blog post.

Another cool resource is Fiverr. You can find some reallyl cool people on Fiverr that do graphics, that will set up your blog, they'll do all sorts of stuff on Fiverr. You kind of have to sift through some people there. So if you find anybody good, make sure that you keep 'em, because you can always find a personal assistant there, too. So if you want to have someone outsource your blog or your keyword research or anything that has to do with your blog that may be taking you too much time to learn or if it's not worth your time, then I highly recommend hopping over to Fiverr, going over to Upwork or Odesk or something like that, that way you can get what you need to get done, outsource. You don't have to do it. You can concentrate on what you're good at.

Network Marketing Blog Advice & Resources Cont. 

And my last tip to help you guys save some money, because sometimes setting up a blog on your own is not only difficult but it can be a little pricey, so there are some options out there that can really truly save you some money. Me personally, I truly love what My Lead System Pro did with their WordPress blog add-on, because it allows you to set up your blog. It comes with instructions to set up your blog. And you know, I've set up plenty of blogs before and typically it'll cost you around $500 to $1000 to start a blog, depending on the theme, depending on who hosts the site.
The cool thing about MLSP is they give you the Divvie Theme, which is about a $200 theme off the bat if your just buy it through something, an off-site with WordPress. It'll automatically save you about $200 bucks there. You won't get any instructions if you just go through WordPress, so that's, you can put your own value on that. MLSP's gonna host the site for you, so you don't have to pay that monthly fee of having someone host the site. You're gonna get all the plug-ins you need for network marketers, so all the plug-ins are right there for you, so you don't have to worry about getting viruses from plug-ins. You don't have to worry about if you're downloading the right plug-ins. All the plug-in questions are right there for you, as well as they've got it already integrated into your lead system and all that good stuff.
So one of the coolest things that can actually save you some money when you're blogging, it's got Yoast SEO, all sorts of cool tools that are kind of added in there for you. So if you want to start a blog and you're looking to save some money and make it a lot easier on you when you start your blog, I would highly recommend going through My Lead System Pro to get your blog and if you want to do that, all you gotta do is hop over to www.MLMValue.com. You can take the trial. It's only ten bucks for ten days for the trial, test it out, and you can go ahead and get your blog set up. They literally take you through step by step.
All right my friend, Feel free to click the little yellow box below. And as always, we provide you guys with a free resource that we give our team that helps them grow, because we want them to be able to enroll two to five customers every day as well. We left you guys a really cool gift right here below in this yellow box, so make sure you grab it. Make sure you print it off everyday inside of your business. Each week we put out a new post, so make sure you mark your calendar.

Every Monday morning, a new post will come out on this blog. So make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or hit me up on Instagram. If you got value from this, feel free to share it to Facebook or comment below. Feel free to tag your teams.
If there's anything that we can do for you, feel free to let us know. We are here to help you grow your network marketing business faster and create a lifestyle that you love. 


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  1. Find the top leaders in your particular company or niche and find out what events they are attending! Many live events are annual or quarterly, so find about 4-8 events each year and continue to attend them. Eventually you'll find yourself on stage speaking that the events or having your story shared.
  2. Take excellent notes and if the recordings are available buy them immediately. Events can be very high energy and as much as you are sure you won't miss a thing! Trust me you will. Even the best note takers on the planet miss things at live events so having the recordings to go back over and over will set you apart from the crowd tremendously!
  3. Cash in your notes as checks! Many of us after attending an event never actually return to our notes. Your audience more than likely was not at the event! They need to hear what you've learned. Take those notes and turn them in to videos, content, blogs, discussions, and even course material! You may be sitting on a gold mine of old notes and notebooks right now!
  4. Go VIP! VIP is so priceless! The ability to have dinner and share moments with some of the top names in your niche will last forever! While others are doing nothing in their hotel rooms! You are mingling and creating relationships with the people that can have the greatest impact on your life and career!
  5. Document EVERTHING!! We live in a socially connected world! People want to keep up with your every move! Especially while they are watching you thinking “I should have gone to that event”. So from the airport to the hotel. To the event sessions, until you get home DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Use those recordings for marketing material for ads!

Hope you got a ton of value from this post and I surely hope to see you at some up coming events! I will leave you with this for all the network marketing professionals reading! Make it a point to go to all the events you can! When your teams start to follow and you can have 100 or more ppl at an event with you…You'll never worry about money again.

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