How to design a profitable network marketing daily routine may possibly be one of the most frequently asked questions by new and season network marketing professionals. You may be one of the millions that sit in front of their laptop and wonder what the heck should I be doing? Then most of your time is spent surfing the internet, scrolling Facebook, watching funny videos, and your commissions seem to reflect just that. If you're tired of not knowing what to do each day this blog post will help tremendously. But first in order to make sure you can actually use the information I give you to create the network marketing routine you want I have to cover a couple of things. First, whats the real reason you would even do this daily routine, day in and day out. You may want to write that down, it some good detail. Second, are you willing to become the person that no matter the circumstances this daily routine was be completed, no matter what? Once you've answered those my friend you can now successfully what you'll learn in this weeks video. Don't forget tonights BONUS WEBINAR @ 9pm est cover in depth my SIX FIGURE NETWORK MARKETING DAILY ROUTINE

The Perfect Network Marketing Daily Routine –

Decide The Time –

The fist step in coming up with a daily routine that you can actually stick with is deciding that amount of time you choose to work your business and do the activities required to get into profit. For example, lets say you choose to work your business 4 hours per day. Perfect now choose 4- 1hour time slots to work your business. I would suggest using the mentality of actually clocking in and clocking out, just as if you were working a job. This seems to help many new marketers, and those making less than $1k/mo. Treat your business like a job until the business is truly running like a business.

Track Your Time –

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.04.50 AMIts hard to choose where to fit in your business with your already busy life right? Its hard if we don't know where I time is going. The case for many network marketers is they feel they need more time, but have no idea where all their time is going exactly. This is not good! Take a sheet of paper and for the next 24-48 hours track what gets done each 30 minutes to 1 hour. After this is tracked for the next two days you'll have a very clear idea of where your time is being spent. You can now effectively eliminate waisted time, and replace with money making business activity to get you into profit. This is a very important step in creating a solid network marketing daily routine.

List The Essentials –

This is where people try to do too much or they do more than they can handle. Understand you must become the person that can handle multiple streams of income, etc. List out the 1-2 things that must be done today before moving on to anything else. Period. No exceptions. Until those task are complete, nothing else exist. If you want to develop a solid network marketing daily routine, this step will be one of your most important. Just a few of the things that get done no matter what each day are, reading, calling leads, emailing my list, creating a piece of content, and some sort of marketing training. List your essentials and comment them below.

Start With The End In Mind –

You heard the phase before, begin with the end in mind. That applies when creating your network marketing daily routine as well. If you start with the year plan, the next 12 months, where will you be? Where do you see yourself? What would it take to get there? Now work backwards and design a plan for each quarter, then each month, then the weeks, and now you can easily figure out what you should be doing each day to reach or even exceed your goals

The Secret Sauce –

So whats the secret sauce for putting together your perfect network marketing daily routine? The answer is BECOME. You must become the person that would actually do it. You must become the person that would have the type of vision that doing this daily routine would not be an option. Your calling is so large that NOT doing this daily routine would be selfish and cruel to the world that you decided to play small, again. Focus on becoming, and not so much having and you'll get to the place where you HAVE everything you desire.

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