Network marketing excuses can be the Achilles heal for most reps looking to build a large organization. If your goal is to get under a network marketers skin, find their most hated excuse and use it on them. Anything from, I don't have the time, I don't have the money, let me do my research…the list could go on forever right? But what if there was a way to effectively handle network marketing excuses? Better yet what if there was a way to avoid network marketing excuses all together. Over my career I have heard every excuse in the book from Prospects. Honestly, there are only about 12 you'll ever hear throughout your entire career. Learn to handle those and nothing should ever jump out at you. But it's important to understand I rarely hear the network marketing excuses that many people expressed they get often. This post will share with you how and why it's possible to avoid network marketing excuses and how you can do the same. Please note, when you get certain excuses from people it simple means you haven't done the right things during the prospecting process. Not asking the right questions, not having the right posture are just a couple of pre prospecting essentials to limiting and avoiding network marketing excuses.

Handling Network Marketing Excuses

Decide You Don't Take That Crap

Decide You Don't Take Excuses – Its extremely powerful to have the choice of who you work with and who you choose not to work with. Most network marketers are no where near this position for one simple reason, they don't have enough leads. Most network marketers don't have enough people to talk to daily that are actually open and ready to buy. This is a problem, it leaves many marketers in desperation mode. You may have been in this position as well, head to the internet and start spamming people in a last ditch effort to make some money. Wrong move. Learn to keep your pipeline full of warm prospects that know you and trust you. You may be asking how do I do that. Educate your audience on things they do not know. If you're in weight loss educate people on 3 simple ways to lose 10lbs this summer to feel great in a bikini. If you're in network marketing educate people some of the tax benefits of having a home business. 

Personal Branding/Authority

Create A Personal Brand That Has Authority – When you brand yourself, the right customers show up pre sold. The same goes for network marketing excuses. When you brand yourself correctly you'll run into less excuses. Why you ask? People don't use many excuses with authority figures. Don't believe me, look around at your favorites in any given niche. No one ever wants to look bad around the people they look up to. No one wants to be known as an excuse maker, especially to those they care about their status or opinion. 

Talk To People That Buy Your Stuff

Only Prospect People Who Buy Your Product – Marketing 101, sell your products and services to people that already buy similar products and services. Why spend time convincing people to buy something they aren't in the habit of buying. Changing another humans habits is by far one of the hardest thing for us to do. In order for someone to change their habits it must be their idea, not yours.

In network marketing this is something you see often you'll see big leaders take massive drones of people to a new company. They spend the majority of their time working with people that they have worked with in the past or by prospecting others in the industry. This works well for the person that isn't a top earner as well. However, when prospecting fellow marketers there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way. Even with this strategy we see more people doing it the wrong way. If you set the intention of making someones life easier, and provide solutions that are not based on your agenda. You will always be headed in the right direction. My Lead System Pro effectively taught me the right way to do this.


I was at an event in January full of marketers. The speaker did something pretty cool. He asked the audience who was in network marketing, 97% of the room raised their hand. He then asked who wants to hear about someone else's product (Shakes, oils, deals, etc)? Immediately every hand went down. He then asked who wants to hear tips, tricks, and strategies to build their business. Immediately all the hands went right back up. The moral of the story is give the audience what they want first. After that if they are open to new opportunity great, show them your business, if not that's great too. Show them My Leads System Pro and let them see how it can help them build their business faster online. My Lead System Pro does teach exactly how to do this correctly. Remember 97% of network marketers are making less than $400/mo. Many are open to new things because they are not happy with leadership, training, support, or community. You can capitalize on this but it must be done the right way. I'm not for “flipping” people to join our company. I believe we need more happy marketers excited about their businesses. I won't take that away from anyone.


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