There’s a lot of marketing out there about My Lead System Pro. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good. I want to share what actually works. So in this blog post I am gonna share with you the things no one tells you about it. I have been a member of MLSP since 2014 and was quite skeptical myself before joining. I must say its something to take seriously.

What is My Lead System Pro?

I want you to imagine a magnet! If metal comes anywhere close, its law to be attracted to it. My Lead System Pro or MLSP, is an affiliate program that teaches network marketers attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the concept of leading with value to attract your perfect prospects to you. Being the magnet for people that you want to join, buy, or use your product/service.

Take this blog for example, every single week I put out training and education to help network marketers which in turn attracts them to me. The training I have received from My Lead System Pro since I’ve been involved in late 2014, has helped me attract a lot of leads to me, get traffic to my site(s) and become a top producer in network marketing career. MLSP combines a way to earn commissions with top of the line training for today’s network marketer.

How Does MLSP Work?


1. What exactly does MLSP do for network marketers?
a. MLSP teaches you how to brand yourself and implement attraction marketing online.
b. For the network marketer building online, MLSP is the Ultimate Online Tool box! It comes with a personal website, pre built capture pages (So you don't have to build them yourself) as well training on concepts your mlm will not train you on.
c. They have an affiliate program so you can earn extra income from those you refer.

2. If MLSP teaches you to attract other network marketers to you, aren’t those people already in a network marketing company already?
Yes, there are certainly times where you will get leads that are happy with their existing network marketing company but with My Lead System Pro, you can actually create a profit from those that say “NO” and choose NOT to join your network marketing company. AND, many network marketers are honestly always looking at new opportunities, if YOU get them on YOUR list, there’s a chance they will want to join you. Now remember, I said join YOU, not your mlm. There is a clear difference. If you only market your MLM, they would never have gotten on your email list. However, provide info they ARE searching for, like how to get more leads. They will fall in love with you. Its much easier to talk network marketing with someone already open to the idea of network marketing than a person that has no clue and skeptical. 

3. Does My Lead System Pro Work?
I always find this question a little funny. MLSP is sort of like a car, if you buy a car but never read the the owners manual, put gas in it and actually drive the car and perform scheduled maintenance , the car doesn’t work does it? If you follow the training inside MLSP it will help you attract more people to you and get more leads through their proven system. If you buy it and never login, never do the training, and never implement the strategies, it most certainly will not work. However, if you are coachable and hungry for a better way to attract people to you, My Lead System Pro works. 

4. How Can you Make Money with My System Lead Pro?

There are several options inside MLSP for you to make an income. Most people Start With The Trial and a large percentage of them decide to stick so they can continue to generate leads and learn attraction marketing.badge-mlsp

So, for you to make money with MLSP, you must first get people to opt into your my lead system pro capture pages and a certain percentage of them will decide to take the $10 – 10 Day Trial. So, instead of thinking how can you make money with MLSP, the BETTER question is to really start with is…”How can I best generate quality leads using MLSP. I hope that makes sense. If you start there then you'll eventually make more money.

5. How do you generate leads with MLSP?
What most people do when they ATTEMPT to generate leads with MLSP is they simply copy and paste their capture pages on Facebook, on their profile and in groups. The problem with that is if someone on your profile barely or doesn’t know you, they may click your link but once they see it is a capture page, they will click away. The best way, in my opinion, for you to get leads which will lead to sales, is to follow these simple steps:
a. Watch the different training videos inside MLSP and TAKE NOTES. Invest, Learn, Teach. Attend & Invite the Wednesday night webinar 9pm Est and then take your notes from that webinar and create a free piece of content or even your own webinar. #THISWORKS
b. Create a video or write an article or blog sharing your notes.
c. In your video or article use a call to action to tell those who find it how to go watch the original video. The smart networkers that optin that truly want to create an online presence will grab the membership and you will get compensated! =)

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.43.41 AM

7. Should you do My Lead System Pro if you are totally clueless when it comes to working the computer?
I am going to be completely honest with this one, probably not. I would recommend getting your hands on a course, something extremely basic to get you familiar with a computer first. You do NOT have to be a genius by any means but if you struggle with right clicking, copying, and posting stuff on Facebook, MLSP may be too much of a hurdle for you (for now).

6. Why did I join MLSP?
I first learned about MLSP on youtube, I was desperate to find a way to build my mlm, I found mlsp and thought anything has to be better than buying leads! It sounded really cool to attract leads to me versus just going out there and talking to people that were not open to my message. The more I researched into it, I saw MLSP as an exposure agent more than a way to get leads or make money. I loved the idea of gaining exposure through their live events and webinars to help brand myself. Since I started I have become an L5 and have been an MMT member (the highest rank and authority that currently exists) and have spoken at their events and have been featured on multiple webinars that had more than 1,000 people in attendance.

8. Why do I prefer MLSP over other systems?
There are two things that I like about MLSP over some other systems out there.

a. They teach you to brand yourself, which, is my personal philosophy (you can learn more about personal branding here)
b. My System Lead Pro constantly tells you to use it to build your network marketing business. There are other tools out there that teach you to focus on just building the tool versus using it to build other things.

9. Why do I tell networkers they are losing money if they don’t have an option like MLSP?
The reason I say this is the very best MLM recruiters in the world will only convert 20-30% of the people they talk to. Your average network marketer will convert around 5-10%. Soo, that means, if you are an amazing recruiter 70-80% of the people you talk to will tell you “NO” to joining your network marketing company and if you are average 90-95% will tell you “NO”. With having my lead system pro as an option you at least have the possibility of taking those 80-95% of the people that say no and creating an income with them. IF you can create an income, you can stick in this profession longer and the longer you stick, the great your chance of success.

IMG_094410. What are sure fire ways that someone will NOT make money or get leads with MLSP?
There are a few trends I have seen with people that DON’T get benefit from my system lead pro.
1. If they focus on how they “can’t learn it”. If you spent as much time actually learning it as you spend telling yourself and everyone else that you can’t, you would learn it.
2. Those who suffer from comparitis. They keep comparing themselves to other marketers that are getting better results, what they fail to realize is the simply fact that those other marketers simply worked harder and longer than they have ANY they didn’t whine and complain that someone else got better results than them as they came up the ranks.
c. Those who want that quick fix of leads and sales. MLSP teaches attraction marketing which is NOT done overnight, however, it can create a sustainable way for you to build an online brand, get leads and make sales over time. 

11. Will MLSP Conflict With My Network Marketing Company?  
MLSP is not a network marketing company. These guys pride themselves on not being a network marketing company. I would always read your particular companies rules and regulations. Many say they don't want you promoting another network marketing company. In my opinion, I want to partner with companies that are open to be using all the resources I want to build me as a brand. I don't like network marketing companies that frown on marketing platforms or having multiple streams of income. 

12. How Do I Avoid Trying To Promote My MLM & MLSP At The Same Time?
This is tough one for most people. If you're thinking small its easy to have this question bounce around in your head. But I know you are ready to THINK BIG. Thats why you are here! In order to make money and attract people to you, promoting is key. However, instead of promoting your mlm, or mlsp, or anything similar for that matter. Promote yourself as an entrepreneur. Promote what you believe in regardless of the company or platforms you affiliate with. The key is to build YOU and your BRAND. When you do this, you don't have the conflict of doing multiple things. You will now be doing ONE THING. You. And you can have different options, departments, and offers.rmwebbylogo

13. How can you join My Lead System Pro?
If someone has introduced you to it already, get back with them and try to get their link. If you were introduced to it by me, and would like to be on my team, you can join here, I would suggest to START THE $10 Trial and a mindset that you are going to do a little bit each day to get get better and better in order to build your business. Joining our team gets you access to our exclusive community and all access to our 12 week $3k/mo intensive course!


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