Working your business is NOT all about posting on social media. Sorry to break it to you, but there is so much more to building a thriving network marketing business. It's about what you are doing BEHIND the scenes of your timeline. Its about the person you're being behind the scenes. Connecting, talking, developing relationships, etc. Today I want to share some cool ways to Increase your social media engagement. The fantasy land of making tons of cash by posting about your products and business is NOT a reality…However, growing an audience that love you for solving their problems can create tons of cash. This is not possible if you're not getting engagement on social media, so as I share these tips on increasing your social media engagement, promise me that you'll take action by leaving a comment in the comments section.


7 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Engagement 

  1. Be Yourself!!!! – This is the hardest one for people to grasp. The goal is the have the exact same life on social media as you do in actual life. Most have a flawed perception of what their audience wants to really see. Your audience wants to see you be yourself. They want to see you live an extraordinary life and go on a journey with you. My advice document your life on social media just like reality tv.
  2. Be Vulnerable (Let People In) – The hardest thing for people to do is be vulnerable on social media. From the time we are kids, we are self taught to never show weakness. Vulnerability isn't weakness however, its the ultimate form of POWER. What are you most afraid of? Are you afraid of live video? What about picking up the phone, is it sharing your struggle? Whatever it is you are afraid, thats the key to your next breakthrough. Write down a few things you are afraid of and share them on social media in a way that inspires people.
  3. Who is Your Audience? – Could you imagine giving a very important pitch to something and after realizing that the audience doesn't even speak English. They had no idea what you said. On social media you're more than likely not speaking the right language if you're not having the impact you desire. Understand you your friends are on social media. Understand who your fans are on your fan page. When you know your audience you'll know exactly what to say and how to really get them engaged. Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.33.26 PM
  4. Engage with others – Comment. Share. Inbox. – Everyone wants more people to like share and comment on their post. Most of us know that the more engagement the longer a particular post, video, or pictures stays in the newsfeed. One way to get other people to engage more is to engage more on other people's stuff. Like their post, comment and share their videos. Engage on their pictures. You'll be surprised how this changes the way people connect with you on social media
  5. Leave an open loop – What's the mystery in your marketing. Practice leaving an open loop with your strategic post if you want to increase your engagement on social media. This forces people to reach out to you. Most home biz owners get so anxious about building their business, they give away the ending to the movie right away
  6. What is the first impression on your timeline – Most network marketers profiles are a sales page.You won't increase your engagement on social media if this is the goal. People don't want to be sold when they hop on social media. Most people that buy actually don't buy on social media. Most buyers purchase from blogs or emails.
  7. Tell an awesome story everyday – People love stories, we are conditioned from childhood to feel safe with stories. Prospects feel the same way. Become a good story teller and watch your engagement go out of the roof! So the last tip on increasing your engagement on social media is every morning decide the story you will tell. My advice is tell the story of your life yesterday. What happened yesterday? If you're out doing your business and living your life daily you should never run out of content to talk about.


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