Growing your network marketing business on Facebook can be pretty simple and easy when its done correctly. Most people just won't take the time to do it the right way. Instead most would rather be lazy and spam/blast their business all over the place instead of working on becoming the most attractive person online, and having the majority of people reaching out to them. In today's post I will break down building your Facebook profile to help you more effectively build your network marketing business online. Building my mlm using Facebook has been vital and I want to make it easier for you! I have included a full detail PDF and was as a FREE step by step walkthrough course where I show you live exactly what I do daily on Facebook! Enjoy.

I've successfully recruited over 600 people, most of them coming from using the internet. Even the people that I recruit offline I tend to usually meet those people on the internet first. One thing that really helped me out in my business, when I was working and just got in network marketing I had been working 70 hours per week. For me, I had a really tough time trying to find time to fit in the activities to build my network marketing business.

What I want to show you is if you can do some things two hours a day is about all you need to build a thriving network marketing business. You just have to make sure that those two hours are very well spent.

Building Your Network Marketing Business Using Facebook Profile

First things first is you got to know if you want to go full-time in the networking business especially using Facebook you've got to be adding 20 people per day. You've got to be talking to 20 people per day and five people need to see your presentation each day. That means chances are you've got to start getting on the phone with at least five people per day. Those are the prerequisites. Now you just don't add 20 random people, you just can't go on and say, “You know what? Okay, I'm going to add 20 people just randomly.”

Build The Right Audience 

One of the things that we teach our clients all the time is any business online it comes down to building an audience, engaging with that audience, and then solving that audience's problem so they want to buy from you. Facebook is one of those places where if you build the right audience your income, the ceiling on your income is lifted off but you have to make sure you're building the right audience. One, make sure to connect people that are like you. I'm not going to make this a targeting training but make sure you're connecting with people that are like you. Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.45.57 AM
One of the easiest ways to define a target market especially if you're new is look at yourself. Look at the desires, the needs, the wants. What's going on in your life? What kind of job do you have? Why did you join your network marketing business? What are the pains that you have in your life? Look around at your life. Describe yourself, put yourself on paper and ask yourself, “Where is this person hanging out on Facebook? What kind of groups are they in? What pages to they like? What are they commenting on? What are they sharing?” You can find this person on Facebook and I'll show you how to do that in my 30 minute video if you click the link below here and grab that video.
If you're talking to the wrong people nothing that I tell you going forward here is going to really help you out. That's one thing that I would say to really, really help you out when it comes to building your network marketing business using a free profile on Facebook. Another thing is make sure that your profile actually has a picture of you, something smiling, something that's very inviting to you. I would make sure that your picture is not something like your cat, your dog, your company logo, company product. Same thing with your cover photo. Get to something where it's a more engaging lifestyle kind of thing that people say, “You know what? I think I want to look more into this person, I'd really like to connect with this person.”

When and Where To Send Links

Make sure, don't put your link inside of your description on Facebook. It's not clickable so there's really no point in putting any type of company link there or anything like that. One tip with Facebook is I'm not a big fan of posting your company replicated link anywhere in any post, in anywhere because you can't collect leads doing that so I'm not a big fan of that. Make sure that you're not really … Having 5,000 friends isn't the cool thing anymore, it's really about getting follows, making sure people click the see first button. That way they see your post immediately, they see when you go live immediately. It's more about quality over quantity so making sure that your page is public, making sure that your follow button is on. Making sure that people can connect with you, not just have to be friends with you because I don't like the whole maxed out thing. You're better off having 3,500 friends that are targeted than 5,000 friends that don't engage with you and have no clue what you do.
Another tip too that can really, really help you out when you're looking to build your network marketing business using Facebook is sharp what you're reading. One of my things is if you're reading every day … Facebook is about content, Facebook is about sharing your life. Creating good content is one of those things where most of us aren't good writers and we don't express ourselves through words very well. You have to practice that.

Books Are Your Friends

One of the things that can help you express yourself better is everything that you read make sure that you're expressing that. Instead of just saying reading something, finding a paragraph that you love, find that paragraph and elaborate on that paragraph in your own words. You'll find that … If it's from a book it's already well written so now if it's your own words you're taking something that's well written and putting it into your own thoughts. That's what helped me out so much in the beginning was I was reading all these books. Every single day I would read 10 pages of a good book. Instead of copy and pasting or copying word for word what was in the book I would take that paragraph and I would elaborate that in my own words to the best of my ability.
I started sharing stories with people. I started sharing stories of my own experiences, I started sharing stories from other people. I started sharing stories with things that I would hear in interviews and things like that. That was really, really big for me. One of my biggest tips I can give you is whatever book you're reading, if it's something that your audience wants to hear elaborate on that and you'll become a better writer, people start sharing your stuff more, people start engaging with your stuff more because it's your words that can really skyrocket your engagement on social media.

Getting More Engagement 

Now if you want to get more engagement one of my biggest tips I can give you is if you want to get engaged with more you have to be engaging. What's that mean? You have to go out and like other people's post, share other people's post, comment on other people's post. Be that new person that comments and make someone say, “Oh cool, I've never seen that person comment.” Most of the people that comment on Facebook are the exact same people. You probably have posts that you see the exact same people comment pretty much most of the time, you've created kind of a little bit of a tribe. What you want to do is you want to be that new person to pop up in someone else's post. Comment on things, share things, like things. Engage with other people and then they'll look to you and then they'll probably engage with you more. That's one big tip that I can give you there.
You don't have to post 10 times a day. You're better off posting two, three times a day tops. Make sure that you have quality posts that people want to engage with. Understand your target audience, that's the most important thing when it comes to building a personal page on Facebook is understanding your target audience. Understand who you want to connect with, who can you help. Understand that and you're going to win.

Progress Not Perfection 

My last tip for you today guys is focus on progress, focus on progress, not perfection. A lot of people they think that they've got to be perfect, they've got to create this life that is a fairytale life on social media. People want to see you be vulnerable. They want to see you doing your first thing. They want to see you stepping out there on that ledge doing your first video, creating a newsletter, creating a blog. Doing the things that you fear and being open about it, being public about it, being vulnerable about it. That's one of the most important things that can allow that target audience to want to engage with you. When they start engaging with you they'll want to share their problems with you. Friends tell friends problems so when people start to open up and engage with you they'll share their problems. Then you can offer your network marketing company, you can offer your affiliate company, you can offer your own personal service. Whatever it is you can offer that as a solution to their problem and most people will gladly exchange money to solve their problems. Why, because they do it every single day.
If you want to check out more of the 11 sure fire ways to explode your network marketing business using your personal profile on Facebook, make sure you click the link below. Grab the PDF, download it, it will be sent to your email. Also, make sure to watch the 30 minute video that I put together for you because I'll take you step-by-step on what I do on my personal page on Facebook every single day absolutely free. Hopefully you got a lot of value out of this. Again, Lunch Money TV. My name is Ryan McMorris. We do a blog every single week for you so you can help make your network marketing business and simplify all the online stuff for you, and so you can take your network marketing business to the next level on your lunch break and all your free time.
All right my friends. Again, make sure you comment below if you got some value. Feel free to share this with your friends, share this with your teammate, your upline, your sideline, whoever you deem may get some value from this video. Feel free to click the share button. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform. I'd love to help you out and even do some training for your team. Again guys, have an amazing day. Connect with me if you have any questions on building your network marketing business faster using the internet. 


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