9 Reasons Prospects Say Yes

9 Reasons Prospects Say Yes

You market your business everyday on social media and tell people how awesome your products are and they still don't buy. What gives right? I mean, You bought the stuff, it should be a no brainer for them to want to buy your stuff as well! Typically there are four main reasons why people do NOT buy from you or join your team. First, they may not want your products/services at all. Second, they might not believe in the industry of internet/network marketing. Helping someone build their belief in the industry is important. Third, they may not believe in themselves. And lastly they may not believe in YOU. Whatever the reason is you need to find out fast and you need to change it in order to make a sale or acquire a new team member! Now that you know the reason people are not buying this video will discuss how to actually get people to buy from you!

9 Reasons People Say YES! FAST!

  1. Authority – People follow those in authority positions, this is a fact in ANY niche! Authority is the shortcut to decision making for people whether they know it or not!
  2. Reciprocity– Have you ever heard the saying Give and you shall receive. The art of reciprocity is one of my favorites. When you give so much in value to your audience they feel as if they must give back. It creates this feeling so strong that if they don't give back they feel bad, and no one wants to look bad! So GIVE GIVE GIVE! And watch your audience wash you with shares, comments, compliments, gifts, testimonials, and even MONEY!
  3. Trust – People buy from those they know, like, and TRUST. When was the last time you actually bought something from someone that you didn't actually TRUST. A safe bet would be say “never”. So how can you make sure your prospects trust you! First be a person of your word. Hold your word to the highest form of integrity. Second share valuable information that is helpful to your audience that they did not know. People love to learn new things. Third  Make people feel good! Leave them better than how you left them! Be the person that breaths life into others.
  4. Anticipation –  Just like kids, adults buy from the anticipation of a release! Don't believe me? Just wait until the new smart phone is announced. There are things you can do to create anticipation! Often when new products or services are announced you can build up anticipation with give aways, parties, bonuses, and prizes!
  5. Likability –
  6. Events – People absolutely love a great sporting event! When you can create excitement around your brand and movement this is a great part of why people buy! Create a movement that has a vision so big people have to get behind it. Then once you create a vision that is large make sure that the vision is all about others. Once you decide on the goal and the movement take the focus off of yourself and put it on other people hit their goals 
  7. Community – Your prospects are yearning to be apart of a great community! This is a HUGE buying factor for network marketing. You want to create an environment that people would do anything to be a part of and never want to leave! One way to do that is to create your own rewards system that celebrates even the smallest of wins!
  8. Scarcity – People buy things that they think will only be around or stay at a particular price for a certain time. This is why you see so many big businesses use the phrase “For a limited time only”. This phrase for years has made people get off the couch and buy buy buy! The same goes for your business. You have to create some type of scarcity. Without this trigger getting your prospects to pull the trigger is like pulling teeth. In network marketing we know timing is everything right? So create bonuses and offers that you will ONLY offer for fast movers that they can NOT resist!
  9. Social Proof In Today's society more than any other social proof is a major factor in whether people will join your team or not. What is the majority doing? Today the majority is shifting towards network marketing! Using social media the RIGHT WAY is key to provide social proof. Leaving people with a sense of “I don't want to do that” is not the goal. Getting testimonials from happy customers and distributors is another great way to provide social proof!


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Biggest Branding Mistakes

Biggest Branding Mistakes

Have you been feeling clueless on how to create the personal brand for your business? You hear it all the time right? You should be building a personal brand for your business. Your brand is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to marketing. You hear everything about WHAT you should be doing with branding, but no one really says HOW or WHY! In todays video I will go over my top 7 branding mistakes that I see from my clients and the public! screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-14-40-am

Before I get into the biggest mistakes I see, lets get a couple of things clear. The first is that personal branding is NOT for everyone. Even though I always say “Everything you do is branding, Its either good branding or bad branding, but you're always branding” But one should focus on branding when the results they desire get to a place that a personal brand will assist in helping them get to that result with less effort. Secondly, you don't HAVE to brand yourself in order to make a ton of money in your niche, however, it sure does help a lot!

7 Branding Errors and Mistakes

  1. Branding is Just A Logo
  2. Branding is a Low Priority Activity
  3. The Branding Always Comes First
  4. Failing to Research The Competition
  5. Branding Is A One Time Deal
  6. Congruent Brand Messages
  7. Failing to Research The Ideal Target Market


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Design The Perfect Daily Routine

Design The Perfect Daily Routine

The perfect week has already happened, you just don't know it yet. I have already hit all my goals for this week! I saw it in my head tonight. (Sunday Night). Each Sunday I take about 45 minutes and plan out my entire week in full detail. I choose what trainings I will attend or watch. I choose the topics of each blog post or video. I choose the list of prospects I will connect with. In todays post I reveal some secrets that can usually only be found in my courses or private coaching! Enjoy! screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-24-14-pm

1. Decide The Goal Exactly

On whiteboard or paper exactly what amount of money you would like to make in EXTRA income. I will never forget the first time I really did this with intent. I made a money goal section on my whiteboard first. I decided I wanted to make an extra $1k. Then my mind started doing MATH. I started thinking of all the different ways I could make an extra $1k this week. I started pulling all my resources. How can I do this? Who do I need to connect with? Where Do I need to be? Think deeply about how you can hit this goal!

2. Re-evaluate your daily routine

Look at your daily routine each week and look for places to improve. So many entrepreneurs struggling with their daily routine because they never truly set a daily routine. The first key here is to understand that when you set a daily routine it is NOT set in stone. Look to improve it weekly until you find something that suits your schedule in regard to the amount of income and goals you have set!

Sneak Peak at my routine

  1. 7am wake up and stretch
  2. 7:30am read and meditate
  3. 8:30am Take the kids to school
  4. 9am Gym
  5. 10am Finish my blog and send out emails to my list
  6. 11am Listen to my daily morning call CHECK IT OUT
  7. 11:15 Marketing Training and Set Call Schedule
  9. 1pm Eat Lunch Chat with prospects
  10. 2pm DONE (Rest of the day is reserved for 1 on 1 coaching clients)


3. Take a look at what you did not accomplish LAST week 

Tracking is a very vital activity if you're looking to grow in any business. Most employees do not like when their employer continuously keeps track of their calls, whereabouts, etc but its pertinent to the business to know where their assets are and where improvements can be made. For many new entrepreneurs this can be difficult at first! Still operating on the employee mindset, tracking is the last thing many want to do. But if it is not tracked it does not exist. Get over any inhibitions around tracking data inside of your organization

4. Set Action Goals

Setting goals is important. It is the reason why I reach my goals each week is because I actually take the time to set them. However, one way I set my goals is a little different than most. I share with my 1 on 1 coaching clients to set there goals based off actions! If this is the first time doing this exercise you'll need to set a good bar for these actions. If this is not your first time then set these goals based on the previous week!

We operate from the principle of just one more! The parameters of this exercise is based on the money making activities that help me increase my income. For instance, making phone calls, attending or performing lunches, attending or performing webinars, attending events, writing blog posts, doing live marketing broadcast. You should be getting the picture by now. But here is a clear example of what is done on Sunday nights.

  1. Look at the previous week. Take the incomplete tasks and move them to this week as first priority.

    1. Phone Calls Made Goal: 50
    2. Webinars Attended: 5
    3. Blog Post Written: 5
    4. Youtube videos Optimized: 5
    5. Webinars Performed: 2
    6. Team Members Connected w/: 20
    7. Daily Website Views Avg: 150
    8. New Email Subscribers: 50
  2. Decide the actions that will best suit you to grow your business for the week!

5. Set The Intention

This part is all inside of you. Its about going into your time machine and going to NEXT SUNDAY. Looking back on the previous week as if you hit every one of the main goals. You went over your income goal. You crushed the action goals and now you're setting more action goals with even greater numbers! This part is all about locking into your POSITIVE emotions. Most people are focused on their negative emotions and what they did not get done. This creates a feeling of lack, and unworthiness. Two things that are not conducive to success!

Did you get value from this post? Want to see in FULL DETAIL how I design my week and crush my goals!? CLICK HERE NOW

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5 Myths And Truths About Social Media Marketing

5 Myths And Truths About Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can be hard for some business owners to truly understand. After all shouldn't business owners have most of their concentration on the thing that got them into business in the first place? A mechanic may not have his full focus on marketing, especially social media marketing because his focus is likely on being a good mechanic. However, if know one knows you exists as the best mechanic in the area. The chance for a business explosion that would allow for expansions, more employees, higher prices (for demand of course) could all lie in the myths he chooses to believe about social media marketing. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-18-56-pm

Working with so many different entrepreneurs I find that many are used to the traditional ways of marketing. I completely understand where they are coming from. If you are used to riding a bike with pedals it may be hard to adopt the use of the new motor cycle.

This post is dedicated to those that want to get the most out of their social media marketing experience. If you want to make sure you aren't telling yourself lies about social media that could be keeping you're business from the results you work so hard for pay close attention.

5 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Myth #1. Social Media is Magic

There's this weird misconception that with social media you can just share a few posts and the business will magically start rolling in. This often leads to frustration – brands know they need to be active on social media, but many can’t crack the code to success.The truth is, crushing your business goals with social media takes time, strategy and budget. I challenge you to find any brand that has a huge, successful case study based on simply winging it with a few tweets. It doesn’t happen.If you're going to leverage social media to drive business results, you have to understand that success takes commitment, consistency and adaptation.

Myth #2. Social Media Is Free Marketing

While social media marketing is the most cost effective way to get your content in front of a highly-targeted audience, it’s not free, or even necessarily cheap. We pay for everything we do two ways. In either time or money. We have to choose which one we are ok departing with. From experience, many entrepreneurs understand that money can be replaced, or made back. There is no replacing time.

When thinking about the cost of social media, you need to take time into consideration. How much time does it take to create content? What is the amount of time it takes to publish and monitor content? How much time does it take to execute advertising promoting your content? This all comes into play.

From experience, businesses put a lot of time and money into their SEO strategies (which are important), and seem to leave social media to back burner. Would you give up the chance to have your message in front of millions of potential buyers!? Treat your social media presence like any other marketing channel and carve out an appropriate budget. With the right employee (or agency partner), you'll find that investing in social media will boost major brand marketing KPIs across all marketing channels.

Myth #3. Social Media is For New/Online Businesses Only

Social media has forever changed the way we communicate and it isn't going away. Considering the amount of usage and impressions social sites get, they might as well be considered on the same level as major news networks – would you scoff at the opportunity to get your brand a primetime placement on FOX, NBC or ABC? Even if you're semi-resistant to social, you're doing your brand a huge disservice by not jumping in and giving it a shot. Even if you or your direct target audience don’t currently consider themselves “social power users”, there's a crop of people growing up who always had these platforms and businesses are already courting them for future business. Where will your brand be in five years without a social presence?

Myth #4. Tactics Over Strategy 

The fun part of social media marketing for most people is the actual Tweeting, Instagramming or posting on Facebook, however, tactics without strategy are a waste of time and money. Many businesses fail to define why they're Tweeting and skip right to talking about what they'll be tweeting instead.

Do you know the difference between strategy and tactics? Strategy is the overall campaign plan while tactics are the actions uses to achieve said plan. Click Here to learn the STRATEGIC SOCIAL MEDIA FOUNDATION thousands are using to grow their business.

Tactics without strategy will always fail.

In thinking about strategy, it’s also important to consider which tactics are important and which are nice to have. Start with your goals, define your strategy and THEN figure out how to get there.

Myth #5. You Need to Re-Think Relationships

Social media marketers generally fall into 2 different categories: idealists and realists. Idealists will preach that brands need to build relationships directly with users on social media to have success marketing to them. Realists know that relationships are important, however no individual person turns to a brand for emotional support.We need to re-think relationships when it comes to social media. If we work towards providing value to social users, more than trying to unrealistically be their best friends, we truly see social media drive results. Take your relationships to a level you have never experienced before. A place where your communication gets you everything you desire!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it's entirely possible for brands to have marketing messages that emotionally connect with social users. However, when you scale that out over how many brands and social users there currently are, we see that it's simply unrealistic.Consumers don’t look to logos for relationships, they look to logos for value. Brands should stop trying to squeeze in as a best friend and start offering lasting value.

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7 Easy Facebook Tricks To Explode  Engage

7 Easy Facebook Tricks To Explode Engage

Facebook changes the way it puts your post and marketing in front of your audience pretty frequently. This can be frustrating for marketers that have trouble adjusting to the changes. The good news is that there are some cool and easy tricks to help get your post in front of more people on Facebook. Understanding a few things about the way Facebook works however is extremely important. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-56-56-am

Its important to remember that Facebook is social media company. The best on the planet, and the best social experiment in the history of our existence. With that being said, its key for business owners in any niche or industry to remember that they have to be socially accepted on that platform. Social media marketing is completely different than the old ways of marketing on television or newspaper.

The old ways of marketing allowed companies to tell people what to buy, why they should buy it and customers would in turn go buy those products. Today things are completely different in the marketing world. Today's market knows what they want, they have done the research. Its our job as marketers and business owners to solve their problems and have good brand visibility in the prospects mind.

I could go on about how to really explode your business through the power of marketing. If that is something you would like to learn more about CLICK HERE to get your masters degree in marketing your business!

7 Tips To Improve Social Media Engagement 

  1. Understanding the Facebook Algorithm – Facebook has a very intense formula that is used to determine who sees what and at what time. This formula was designed to enhance the viewer experience. There are 4 components on what makes up the formula Edge Rank, Affinity, Weight, & Time. Each component is broken down in the video below.
  2. Reciprocity – Comment, Like & Share on other peoples Facebook content. This will trigger the relationship component of the algorithm. Most people want comments, likes, & shares but rarely give them.
  3. Direct Connect -Private messages are a great way to get your content in front of more people in the Facebook news feed. I Recommend connect with a minimum 10 people per day and having a descent 10-15 message conversation.
  4. What's Going On Around Us – Post on something that is trending and creatively tie it to your business. Posting about Celebrities, News, Events, Hot Topics are all great things to get more people involved in you post! Type trending in your Facebook search bar and see whats going on today!
  5. Identify What Posts Work Best For You – There are different types of post. Pictures, Videos, Questions, Quotes, etc. Find which ones get the most engagement and look to do more of what works!
  6. Revive the Dead Post – Find some old post that got good engagement and comment again. Doing this will bring the post back to life and get it back into newsfeed rotation.
  7. Find The Best Times That Work For Your Audience

Feel like you need more help to really explode your social media results in your business? Join the Social Media Authority Bootcamp!

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PS: You may not know this about me but at one time I was completely horrible at marketing and social media. Often many are slow to admit their lack of business skill. In 2014 I found my secret weapon. It tripled my results! Want to see what I've been using? CLICK HERE FOR MY SECRET WEAPON 

How To Go Socially Viral In 3 Simple Steps

How To Go Socially Viral In 3 Simple Steps

How would it feel to have one of your marketing messages go viral? Thousands or even tens of thousands of people sharing your message. Thousands of people engaging with your message. What would going viral do for your business? Would your sales sky rocket? There are NOT many limits to the power of internet if and when your messages go viral. You may be saying; how easy is it to make something go viral? screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-19-15-am

Internet sensation in the entrepreneur world Tai Lopez has figuratively taken over every major social media platform. If you have shown any interest in entrepreneurship, good luck spending any time on social media with out seeing the face of Tai Lopez. One cool thing to add. You won't be on social media without HEARING the unique Tai Lopez story. CLICK HERE to join the 30 Day Social Media Bootcamp

Like many other viral internet marketers and entertainers sharing their unique and intriguing story is a key factor in going viral. In the network marketing world its hard to not know the story of Ray Higdon. In Florida 2009 successful real estate agent found himself in forclosure multiple times with his girlfriend at the time paying his light bill. Had failed in over 12 network marketing companies before going on to become the number 1 income earner in one of his previous ventures. Ray is now an 8 figure earner in the network marketing, online marketing, and coaching niches. You may say, “Thats easy for him to say”  But there's a viral formula as well. With this formula you can now measure the impact your message has on your marketing audience.

3 Steps: How To Make Your Social Media Viral 

1. Determine your viral marketing strategy – The first step in any marketing strategy is deciding where and how you want to grow your audience. YouTube is a fantastic choice. Simply because it allows for long form content. Meaning your audience is geared up to watch a longer more in depth message in comparison to other social media platforms. I personally don’t rate my YouTube performance based on views — minutes watched is a more valuable metric. I love YouTube because it allows you to create deep brand engagement between the audience and the marketer.

The formula for measuring whether or not a message has the potential to go viral is simple. -VRIN. VRIN stands for value, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable. Value meaning the post is truly something that people care about — a high value, high quality post that is relatable and adds value. Rarity meaning your post includes things most people don’t often see or experience. Your post must be unique to you and your audience. Inimitable meaning how hard is it for a competitor to replicate your message. And non-substitutable meaning there is no other place to access the information your post delivers. You can be hilarious, in your face, flashy or non abrasive, but if the VRIN score is low, your message will more than likely never go viral.

2. Have a unique and compelling brand story. Average out the VRIN score of each of your social media posts and be authentic — you don't need to  change your whole life for a social media post. All too often we see people not being themselves on social media looking to go viral. The people that go viral are the ones with the most compelling story and brand. They also subsequently use the VRIN formula extremely well. You don't need to completely change your story, just tweak it and make sure it reaches the wants and desires of YOUR AUDIENCE with value based content being key. Effectively communicate this story to everyone you encounter. To learn more about communication strategies CLICK HERE

3. Be consistently VISIBLE is the last step. How many people see your face and hear your story day in and day out? It doesn't matter how good the product, service, or brand is if no one knows it exist. Visibility will always trump ability. It is seen time and time again less talented artist, businesses, products win. This is because they are consistent and visible to the most amount of people.

If you got some value from these tips be sure to leave a comment below and share on Facebook. Put these into action everyday and watch your engagement soar through the roof!

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