You market your business everyday on social media and tell people how awesome your products are and they still don't buy. What gives right? I mean, You bought the stuff, it should be a no brainer for them to want to buy your stuff as well! Typically there are four main reasons why people do NOT buy from you or join your team. First, they may not want your products/services at all. Second, they might not believe in the industry of internet/network marketing. Helping someone build their belief in the industry is important. Third, they may not believe in themselves. And lastly they may not believe in YOU. Whatever the reason is you need to find out fast and you need to change it in order to make a sale or acquire a new team member! Now that you know the reason people are not buying this video will discuss how to actually get people to buy from you!

9 Reasons People Say YES! FAST!

  1. Authority – People follow those in authority positions, this is a fact in ANY niche! Authority is the shortcut to decision making for people whether they know it or not!
  2. Reciprocity– Have you ever heard the saying Give and you shall receive. The art of reciprocity is one of my favorites. When you give so much in value to your audience they feel as if they must give back. It creates this feeling so strong that if they don't give back they feel bad, and no one wants to look bad! So GIVE GIVE GIVE! And watch your audience wash you with shares, comments, compliments, gifts, testimonials, and even MONEY!
  3. Trust – People buy from those they know, like, and TRUST. When was the last time you actually bought something from someone that you didn't actually TRUST. A safe bet would be say “never”. So how can you make sure your prospects trust you! First be a person of your word. Hold your word to the highest form of integrity. Second share valuable information that is helpful to your audience that they did not know. People love to learn new things. Third  Make people feel good! Leave them better than how you left them! Be the person that breaths life into others.
  4. Anticipation –  Just like kids, adults buy from the anticipation of a release! Don't believe me? Just wait until the new smart phone is announced. There are things you can do to create anticipation! Often when new products or services are announced you can build up anticipation with give aways, parties, bonuses, and prizes!
  5. Likability –
  6. Events – People absolutely love a great sporting event! When you can create excitement around your brand and movement this is a great part of why people buy! Create a movement that has a vision so big people have to get behind it. Then once you create a vision that is large make sure that the vision is all about others. Once you decide on the goal and the movement take the focus off of yourself and put it on other people hit their goals 
  7. Community – Your prospects are yearning to be apart of a great community! This is a HUGE buying factor for network marketing. You want to create an environment that people would do anything to be a part of and never want to leave! One way to do that is to create your own rewards system that celebrates even the smallest of wins!
  8. Scarcity – People buy things that they think will only be around or stay at a particular price for a certain time. This is why you see so many big businesses use the phrase “For a limited time only”. This phrase for years has made people get off the couch and buy buy buy! The same goes for your business. You have to create some type of scarcity. Without this trigger getting your prospects to pull the trigger is like pulling teeth. In network marketing we know timing is everything right? So create bonuses and offers that you will ONLY offer for fast movers that they can NOT resist!
  9. Social Proof In Today's society more than any other social proof is a major factor in whether people will join your team or not. What is the majority doing? Today the majority is shifting towards network marketing! Using social media the RIGHT WAY is key to provide social proof. Leaving people with a sense of “I don't want to do that” is not the goal. Getting testimonials from happy customers and distributors is another great way to provide social proof!

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